Since this is fanwork, I cannot stress enough that it’s non-commercial and intended as a tribute work, because I love this game to bits.

The storyline of this game is not to be regarded as canon, and it’s not an attempt to represent the original creators, it’s merely the result of a fan wanting to play in the rich worlds created by such talented people.

Content I created includes game assets – code (made using Ren’py, open source and available on Github), artwork, scripts and music.


Prompto Happiness Simulator 2k17:

This is a noncommercial fanwork. Final Fantasy XV, and all characters and settings, are intellectual property of Square Enix, and this work does not represent Square Enix in any way. Assets and music are copyrighted under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Full license details, including those of dependencies, can be found here.